Support Jewish Heart Ministries

Jewish Heart Ministries facilitates educational events and projects that display the diversity of the Jewish people and their unique contributions to our world. Our Jewish Studies & Culture Connection events are for anyone who wants to connect with Jewish history and culture, whether Jewish or not. These classes are led by nationally-known experts on Jewish history and culture. Our Jewish Discussion Series highlights the contributions of the Jewish people on a global scale. Our discussion series provides an opportunity for Jews and non-Jews to ask questions and learn from one another in a safe and welcoming environment.

We are passionate about educating the Church on Jewish history, culture, and Israel. Our desire is to see the Church appreciate the contributions of the Jewish people to the world. These educational events and projects have many aspects, including historical, spiritual, social, and cultural. The insights gained therein will foster discussion and cooperation, building a lasting bridge for a better community.

We invite you to join us!

For more information about the inspiration for our organization, read Our Passion.